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Let The Dance Network help you prepare for your big day!


Your wedding is one of the most important, memorable days of your life.

Make it even more special with a unique dance choreographed just for you!


We specialize in choreography for first dances, wedding party dances, father/daughter and mother/son dances, and more.


Even if you have never danced before, there is no need to worry!

You will be able to learn quickly and easily with one of the The Dance Network's qualified instructors.

Wedding dance photos.

What You Get

Our lesson packages provide you with a beautiful dance choreographed to a song of your choice.


We usually recommend a romantic two step for your dance. It is a style that can be learned within a few lessons, but is still elegant and very expressive.


If you have another preference, though, the sky is the limit!


We are happy to follow your lead with what speaks most to you.


Other couples have chosen to dance the waltz, rumba, swing, sensuous Argentine tango, and even hip hop!

Bridal party posing at a wedding.

Wedding Specials Include:

  • Choreography for your special dance

  • Suggested song ideas

  • Expert instruction

Choose your Wedding Special Package:

  • 10 lesson package $815

  • 5 lesson package $435

  • 3 lesson package $275

  • Single lesson $95

Couple dancing at their wedding.

When Should You Start Lessons?

The sooner the better!

Remember that as your big day approaches, you will have more and more responsibilities on your plate.


Don't add to the stress by learning your dance at the last moment! We recommend starting at least a couple months before your wedding day.

Don't have that much time? Don't worry!
Your wedding dance does not need to take a full 2 months to learn.

​In fact, you can learn it in as little as three lessons, but the sooner you start, the more you can learn, and the more you learn, the more you will impress your guests - and yourselves!


Celebrate with The Dance Network!

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