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Saturday, October 30th at 2:00pm
Location: Living Faith Church – 4597 Hollister Ave, Santa Barbara, CA 93110

​Dancers are required to be in full costume, hair, and performance makeup.
For more information about stage makeup for both boys and girls, please click

Students and families will check-in prior to entering the performance area.
Each piece will bow at the end of their dance (no finale bow).
Dancers and families may leave after their last dance is finished or are welcome to stay and watch the performance.

Please remember that no chairs will be provided.
You will need to bring your own seating to the venue.

Call Times
Act 1 Dancers: 1:00pm
Act 1 Minis: 1:30pm
Act 2 Dancers: 2:15pm

Show Order


1. Affection Algorithm (Converge Hip Hop Co)

2. Crashing the Party (Beg/Int Ballroom)

3. My Family (Hip Hop 1)

4. Night at the Museum (Jazz 2)

5. Waltz of the Snowflakes (Ballet 3)

6. Ralph Wrecks the Dance Floor (Tap 1A Kids)

7. Waltz of the Flowers (Ballet 2)

8. The Protectors (Jazz 1)

9. The Honey Tree (Mini Ballet 1)

10. Game of Love (Tap 1A Adults)

11. Tea (Ballet 1)

12. Cattin' Around (Spark Jazz Co)

13. Walking Dead (Adv Adult Hip Hop)

14. Life is a Highway (Tap 1B Kids)

15. Under the Sea (Mini Tap 1)

16. Más or Menos (Vietor's Solo)

17. Out of This World (Hip Hop 3)

18. Coconut (Tap 4)


1. Mickey Mouse Club (Tap 1B & 2 Adults)

2. Haunted House (Contemporary 2)

3. One Jump Ahead (Mini Tap 2)

4. Verbrenne den Tanz (Spark Ballroom Co)

5. Weekend at Bernie's (Glow Tap Co)

6. Wonderful Wizard of Oz (Contemporary 1)

7. Three Little Pigs in a Pen (Ignite Tap Co)

8. Dancing Queen (Adult Jazz)

9. Whipped into Shape (Musical Theater 1&2)

10. Polar Ice (Beg Adult Hip Hop)

11. In the Old West (Tap 3)

12. The Owls of Harry Potter (Mini Ballet 2)

13. Break Out (Break Dance 1&2)

14. Grazin' in the Grass (Tap 2 Kids)

15. Beauty School Dropout (Latin Rhythms)

16. Pizza Planet (Hip Hop 2)

17. Dear Future Generations (Jazz 3)

18. Livin' in NYC (Tap 5)

19. Kim Possible (Spark Hip Hop Co)

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