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4 Tips for a Successful First Dance Class


At The Dance Network, we recognize that many people may be nervous when trying a dance class for the first time or returning to dance after taking a break.

Whether this is your first dance class ever or you are a seasoned pro, we want you to have the best experience possible!

Here are 4 tips for a successful first dance class:

1) Visit the Studio
Call ahead of time to schedule a tour so you can familiarize yourself with our studio. Click HERE to call and reserve a time with our studio office!

2) Arrive a Few Minutes Early
It's best to arrive about 10 minutes early to meet the teacher and prepare for class.
Our studio is located in the Magnolia Center at 5130 Hollister Ave, Santa Barbara.

3) Bring Water and a Snack
Dancing works out your body in many different ways, so it's good to be prepared with a water bottle and snack.

4) Consider Buying Shoes and Apparel Ahead of Time
We don't expect you to have everything for your first class. However, you'll get the most out of your dance experience if you have proper attire. If you're interested in learning more about  dance wear we sell at our studio, CALL or EMAIL our studio office.

​If you have any other questions, feel free to contact our studio office and we would be happy to help. We look forward to giving your dancer an enjoyable first dance class. See you soon!

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